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Oct 29, 2018

Benefits of Staying At a Homestay Resort in Thekkady Periyar

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A homestay can be simply defined as someoneís home being transformed into a hotel. Homestays give travellers a feel of home away from their homes. Since Kerala is a beauty enriched place, homestays are the best way for travellers to get closer to nature. Homestays are far away from the usual fixed rules, menus, luxury, largely impersonal hotels. Thekkady is one of the most visiting and sought out destinations in God's own country, homestay resorts in Thekkady Periyar play a major role in the development of the Kerala tourism sector. Various visitors travel from the different zones of the world to experience the real sense of culture, ethnicity, and diversities of Kerala. As Kerala is unmatched with its rich culture, heritage, historical background, cultural background, these are the reasons that attract tourists.

Reasons for Staying At Kerala Homestays Other Than Luxurious Hotels

†During your tours to Kerala, you might select to stay in a luxury resort, hotel, or†homestay. What styles a stay in a homestay, unlike the other luxurious stays?† So let's share some reasons that justify why you should try staying at homestays for the bed and breakfast other than the luxurious five-star hotels or resorts.

  • Get Authentic Local Experiences and Chances to Meet Local People

Travelling is all about experiencing the fresh and taking on the whole thing local while you are out discovering a place that you have not been there before. Sharing a localís home for your trips to††Kerala makes your journey valuable and lets you experience the real essence of your travel spot. The destination like Thekkady, when you stay in a Kerala homestay Thekkady you can experience something different that do not in other kinds of accommodation, it not only provide you with a way to meet the locals of the destination but also you get a chance to live with them too to comprehend their lifestyle and culture. So homestay is a way to live a spot not just to visit it.

  • Customized Services in Homestays

When you stay in a luxury hotel or resort, they generally offer you a menu of the services accessible from which you can select the ones suitable for you reliant on your preference and budget. While, if you select to stay in a homestay, you might be given the freedom to set your own preferences and tastes regarding food, required activities and also you can suggest the required facilities in the home.

  • Get A Way to Deeply Know Your Destination

Homestays will provide you with a way to know deeply about the surroundings that you are staying and also get to know about the interesting facts and the specialties in the region by meeting the local peoples in the localities. Though when you stay in luxurious hotels they often provide you with a travel guide for knowing more about your destination and the wow factor of your travel spot, but the homestays are the best choice for this, there is no limitations or boundaries for them whereas the hotels have to stick in their own fixed rules. So when you are planning to get to know nature closely homestays are the better and the efficient choices to do this. Places like Thekkady and Munnar would have many such localities to explore.

  • Homely Food

Any resorts or luxurious hotels can provide you with luxurious dishes at your dining table, but, the better is when hosts of the home themselves prepared your favorite foods for you when you stay at the homestay. So in homestays, you get good homely foods according to your haste of tastes. Nothing truly matches with the warmness of a home-cooked meal. Homestays solve your tiredness with the regular luxuries resorts or hotels foods they deliver beautifully with delicious homely-cooked foods, often prepared using local foodstuffs.

  • Gather Exceptional Memories and Help to Collect Stories along the Way

Homestays might you surprise in diverse ways where no hotels can provide this experiences.† In homestays sometimes you can witness rare and talented skills, artworks of the hosts themselves. You can get a more homely environment and ambiance in homestays where you can meet up with the rare and unique experiences of your nature trip. Sometimes you can collect interesting facts, stories about your destination and the native people.

  • Learn Local Customs and Culture

You may already read out about your destination customs and cultures before arriving at your spot, but the only way to actually get to deeply know them is by truly experiencing them first hand. A stay in the homestay will offer you a chance to deeply know about the diverse customs and cultures of the areas. The host of the homestay will definitely share their insights about the local life and also the other specialties of the regions, it does not get in other kinds of accommodation.

  • Perfect Choices for Solo Travellers

Traveling in your own way is the best way to explore places, it might give an extremely liberating traveling experience. So there is no doubt that, it is the best way to see the beauty of the world, for this to stay in the homestay is the best choice, when you arrive in a place, staying with somebody who knows the destination well will let you collect more interesting facts and information about the region. So homestays are the perfect choices for solo travelers to get to know more about the destination in the local's eyes.

KH Plantation, the Best Thekkady Homestays Resorts

Travellers are increasingly picking local experiences rather than hewed luxury hotels. Choosing the bestís Thekkady homestays is an excellent way to experience the natural beauty of Thekkady which offers an insight into native people's lives and to deeply know the customs and traditions of the natives. KH Plantation is one of the best homestays in Thekkady and the first choice for most travellers who like to adore the quaint homestay in the midst of fabled Cardamom hills with tropic wilderness and home to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. We emphasize delivering a traditional atmosphere merging with modern comfort to make your vacation time the most valuable and memorable milestone in your life.

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