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Mar 08, 2019

7 Things To Do On Your Honeymoon: How To Make It Special

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Honeymoon, a new beginning to every coupleís life, it isnít just another holiday. Itís a special moment that every couples passionately look forward to. The occasion to know each other better and above all, the time you spend each other with extreme passion, that creates memories to last a lifetime. So, donít just plan an ordinary holiday, choosing a destination that suits to the dream of both personalities can be a bit confusing. Make your honeymoon peak special by choosing a Homestay in Thekkady. Simply, the elegance in making honeymoon special for him or her belongs to sheer purity. Weíve listed 11 romantic things to do on your honeymoon, that excites you together.

1. Begin with a fantastic sunrise

This may sounds old to you, but undoubtedly, witnessing a beautiful sunrise together charms your pleasure to bond each other more sticky. Experiencing the amorous moments with a chilling breeze by a Stay at nature Homestay allows the first rays of warm sunlight to lighten up your smiles will create a better for a bright beginning.

2. Explore an Off-Road Forest ride

Unpredictable moments give the life its full-fledged art. Leading a life with a chart never gonna excites you. Witnessing the beauty of a Plantation resort in Thekkady, and Periyar forest with an off-road but romantic road trip fills you with on your honeymoon. Love leads your journey that create unique romantic experiences, bring you closer as a couple and creates memories that will endure the years ahead.

3. Be adventurous whole day

Be unique and different in your activity especially on your honeymoon days, that enthrals and impress your partner with a strong adrenaline rush, that is to choose adventurous things. Periyar is heaven for the one who seeks a power packed adrenaline rush activities. The trekking, Bamboo rafting over the thick forest and much more. Experience holidays in Thekkady and enjoy limitless activity that one can try to make their honeymoon special and memorable.

4. Explore the nature & wildlife

Lush green plantations, scenic views, misty mountains, pristine lakes attracts lot of couples who bond in a much better way. Periyar, the heaven hidden in Godís own country, it is one of the best honeymoon destinations and has charming places to go around with your loved one. With its beauty and stunning scenic places, KH Plantation, the plantation resort in Thekkady is a hot pick for the honeymooners.

5. Snap your moments

Click every moment to make memories and live them forever for a lifetime whether it is candid or not. Capturing the frame where you together rejuvenate all along in your life as a memory. Celebrating love and togetherness in the most exotic and romantic Homestay in Thekkady Periyar and getting it framed with utmost beauty and stunning pleasure, reminds this destination a true paradise where you can find ample opportunities to fall in love.

6. Take a Jeep safari

Going for a Jeep safari to Gavi from Thekkady is an ideal off-track destination activity for the couples who love to experience real pulse and beats of wild. If you would love to do a Jeep safari,† you must wake up before 6 am, because it start from 6 am and durate up to 5 pm including breakfast and lunch also. This is an another strong deal for a perfect adrenaline rush, where you can experience covering the dense forests, thrilling waterfalls, and definitely the iconic spice and tea plantations.

7. Do Boating

Periyar gives you a stunning experience n Boating activity. You will get romantically mesmerized the moment you begin your boat ride. The lakes are dotted by the swaying forest trees on both the sides. Sametime, you can witness the animals in the banks taking sun bath and it will be more fun and thrilling when you see he elephants playing with their babies in the Periyar lake.

So, why wasting your money and precious moments in a worthless luxury hotel? KH Plantations, the plantation resort in Thekkady, making you feel like in the lap of nature. Experience all the pleasure of your honeymoon by staying in the most lush eco stay in Kerala. Make your honeymoon, feel like extra-ordinary by leading a fun thrilled life.

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