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  • Homestay in Thekkady
    Mar 19, 2019
    Experience a Stunning Summer Vacation at the Lap o....

    Summer Vacation days are at your doorstep, so plan a trip to Experience holidays in Thekkady.† Thekkady has a lot on offer even the most vibe for travellers- an utterly green and untamed landscape teeming with lush green forests

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  • Bests homestays in Periyar - KH Plantation
    Mar 12, 2019
    Happiness Is Just Around The Corner - Plan a Trip ....

    Cherry-picking the bestís homestays in Periyar is an excellent way to experience the real picturesque beauty of Thekkady. The best homestays bid excellent perceptions of the inhabitantís life without giving any compromise on quality and coziness.

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  • Bests homestays in Periyar - KH PlantationB
    Mar 08, 2019
    7 Things To Do On Your Honeymoon: How To Make It S....

    Make your honeymoon peak special by choosing a Homestay in Thekkady. Simply, the elegance in making honeymoon special for him or her belongs to sheer purity.

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  • Best plantation resort in Thekkady - Bamboo Rafting
    Mar 02, 2019
    Thekkady Awaits Adrenaline Junkieís Footsteps for ....

    Bamboo rafting is one of the exciting activities in Thekkady which is eco-friendly entertainment program for all nature lovers.

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  • Homestay in Thekkady
    Feb 12, 2019
    Celebrate Valentineís Day in The Lap of Nature

    Celebrating Valentineís Day in the lap of nature is the great idea. KH Plantation is one of the remote hideaway nestled in a cardamom plantation that bids both peaceful retreat and adrenaline-fueled adventure.

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  • Experience the Activities with the Best Homestay in Thekkady
    Feb 04, 2019
    Explore the Top Things to do in Thekkady to Cuddle....

    KH Plantation is the ultimate destination for couples, families, nature lovers and much more for enjoying the excellent homestay in the midst of full tranquillity and wilderness.†

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  • bests homestays in Periyar - KH Plantation
    Jan 15, 2019
    Get To Know the Highlights of Periyar

    Choosing the bests homestays in Periyar is now a dominant way to experience the real scenic beauty of authentic Thekkady. The best homestays offer better insights into the life of residents without giving any compromise on quality and cosiness.

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  • best plantation resort in Thekkady
    Jan 04, 2019
    Top Attractions in Thekkady

    The journey to the top attractions in Thekkady will take you over picturesque little hill towns and soothing hill slopes.

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  • Homestays in Thekkady - KH Plantation
    Dec 12, 2018
    Explore the Things to Do In Thekkady for Dealing w....

    KH plantation offers you one of the best homestay in thekkady at affordable rates. Book this plantation resort to experience Holidays in Thekkady

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  • Homestays in Thekkady - KH Plantation
    Dec 03, 2018
    Why Picking Homestays Should Be The Perfect Accomm....

    Homestays are the best choice for all intentions and purposes for all the travelers over any hotel for their vacations. Letís look out the compelling reasons about why you should select homestays over hotels:

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  • priceless homestay in thekkady
    Nov 22, 2018
    Priceless Heritage Homestay in Thekkady

    This century-old heritage home or bungalow has now become the best place to stay in Thekkady.

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  • thekkady homestay
    Oct 29, 2018
    Benefits of Staying At a Homestay in Thekkady Peri....

    A homestay can be simply defined as someoneís home is transformed into a hotel. Homestays give travellers a feel of home away from their home. Since Kerala is the beauty enriched place, homestays are the best way for travellers to get closer with nature.

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