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Dec 12, 2018

Explore the Things to Do In Thekkady for Dealing with Your Adrenaline Rush

Homestays in Thekkady - KH Plantation

Thekkady is the heaven for nature lovers and adventurous, a visit to this place would never be completed with sightseeing, nature walks and plantation tours. Its stunning looks, dense forests, landscapes, waterfalls and the exotic wildlife sanctuary grabs the attention of travellers from various nook and corner. Thekkady is also famous for its best homestays providing advanced felicities and letting home away from home feeling to the guests. These homestays in Thekkady will guarantee a serene ambience with perfect homely foods along with lots of fun and happiness. Out of all the wonderful destinations in Gods own country, Thekkady is standing as the most favoured destination with its blissful ambience.

Best Things to Do

Whether you are really tired of your hectic schedules? Are you searching for a better place to rejuvenate yourself in the midst of boredom? If you looking for some activities to deal with your adrenaline rush. The answer for all these queries is Thekkady! it is the astonishing place with its unparalleled beauty and serenity. Though, there is a wide range of activities and things to do in Thekkady which offer great fun for families, couples, kids and adventurous.

  • Boating

Boating in the Periyar Lake is the most foremost activity of tourists in Thekkady. One can get the chance to watch the wild animals and their bathing, resting, drinking etc. The lake is located at the heart of Periyar wildlife sanctuary. So the boating in the lake around the spice gardens bounded by fragrant air, lush green hills, beautiful waterfalls and the natural serenity giving a soothing experience & rejuvenating your soul. And also it will be more fun when one can witness the elephants playing with their babies in the Periyar Lake. Usually, forest departments and KTDC are operating the boating service.

  • Jeep Safari

Jeep safari to Gavi from Thekkady is the major off-track destination activity perfect for the wilderness retreat and also offers various activities like trekking, canoeing, birding etc. Jeep safari starts in the morning from 6 am to 5 pm with breakfast and lunch also. The jeep travelling will let you an amazing experience covering the dense forests, lush green vegetation, stunning waterfalls and of course aromatic spice & tea plantations.

  • Bamboo Rafting

Bamboo rafting is the most popular things to do in Thekkady. Bamboo rafting program takes place in Periyar wildlife sanctuary. The thing that makes it unique as it takes you over the plushest forest tracts of the thick forest. The tour starts at 8 am with the hike into the dense forest where one can get the chance to spot diverse species of birds and animals. After this rafting starts for three hours get the panoramic scenic view of rich forests. The bamboo rafting trip caters to 10 travellers at a time. The armed guard and 4 guides are always there for accompanying each travel group.

  • Border Hiking

One among the best things to do in Thekkady is border hiking. Trekking starts in the morning at 8 am and ends in the evening. The track passes through rippling terrains. Trekking to the altitudes of 900 to 300 meters will let fascinating experiences to the trekkers, they could glimpse the supercilious cliffs bordering the park watershed and the vast grasslands. Gaur, elephant, sloth bear etc. are sometimes sighted along this path apart from butterflies and birds. Daily two groups with 10 tourists are taken through this wildlife conservation hikes along with the armed forest guards.

  • Jungle Night Patrol

This activity comprises night patrolling in the remote eco-development zones of the Periyar forests. The trekking can be done in between 7 pm to 4 am and can be taken by people who have correct mental and physical fitness to trek over the night wilderness in the dense forests. An armed forest guard and two protection securities will accompany each group. This night patrolling will let you the massive feeling of the wilderness in the night. You can try the limits of your smell, senses-light hearing and will drench you in the totally different realm of nocturnal jungle life.

Experience the Cuffs of Activities with KH Plantation

Thekkady is one among the best destinations in Kerala with its magnificent beauty and the things to do. It is a home to the wildlife sanctuary. Here you can enjoy trekking, hiking, boating, bamboo rafting in the midst of the wilderness. Thekkady resorts will call to you with its positive vibe and tranquility. Out of numerous resorts, KH Plantation is the best resorts in Thekkady providing best homestays with good hospitality. We are situated in the heart of Thekkady town confined with cardamom hills and rich backwoods. You can undoubtedly experience the Periyar and the wilderness with us. A vacation at Thekkady with KH plantation make you drop all your stress. We can assure you that we can deliver world-class budget-friendly services to make your holidays the most of it in your lifetime.

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