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Oct 22, 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Homestays in Thekkady Periyar and the Reasons for Take a Homestays Instead Luxury Hotels

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Now tourism plays a significant role in both societies and also individuals which has fully-fledged services and spreads globally. It pays significantly to the native, regional, countrywide and international economy. But the major environmental challenges faced in our society are based on the conservation of eco-tourism and biodiversity. Even though tourism has raised up the native living standard and made natives become more convoluted in the conservation of the environment. Likewise, ecotourism could fulfill the wants of people living in places that appeal to tourists. Usually, Indian people are more focused on treating their guests, that is they consider guest is God. Hospitality is the main attraction of Indian people. Unhappily, many travellers who come to India and stay in hotels never received the actual experience of Indian hospitality. But the growing popularity of homestays has changed these conditions and now most tourists prefer homestays instead of staying in hotels for their vacation time. Since the homestays are the concept of bed and breakfast within the serenity of the homely environment. Thekkady is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala, the Gods own country, the homestay in Thekkady Periyar is well popular for delivering the true experiences of hospitality for guests. Today, most homestays offer their guests more comfort along with a well-furnished trustworthy hotel.

Reasons that proven staying in Kerala homestays Thekkady is more preferable can be staying in a five-star hotel.

A home is actually a place where the heart resides; and thus, real nomads, continually stalking for the best home to stay. Now, most travellers prefer homestays for their stays instead of choosing luxury hotels. Here are some of the reasons  for increasing demand for homestays:

  • Personalized service

One of the major highlights of homestays is personalized service, usually, homestays have few rooms compared to the hotels. So the family who stays there runs it and they may act as host also. So the guests get received highly individual attention and also when the guests stay together with the homeowners of the homestays get a chance to know their culture deeply by directly interacting with them. Usually, these personalized service homestays create a bond between host and guests.

  • Local Knowledge

The local knowledge of homestays owners about their surrounding local areas helps travellers to collect information about the major attractions, customs, crowds, timings, heritage, and much more. So there get visitors a wealth of information about the destinations. Such kind of local knowledge is awfully helpful in receiving the most from your visit.  So staying in homestays like Thekkady homestays, visitors get travel guides from the landlords of homestays about the invaluable insights of the regions. Henceforth getting more local knowledge about the destination from the homestays is making these homestays differ from the reputed hotels.

  • Homely food

Here is the huge difference among the Indian food in hotels, and the food cooked in an Indian homestay. By residing at homestays, you will get an opportunity to taste authentic, delicious home-cooked food, which differs from making food in the five-star hotels where you did not get ant homely taste for their foods. Since they are cooked food with artificial colors, flavors they are not good for your health. The food that you get in the five-star hotels also may be expensive but you can completely trust homestays for knowing the local authentic cuisines which were prepared by themselves.

  • Unique Activities in the homestays

As a visitor at a homestay, the whole focus is on you, your desire, and your favorites. The hosts are typically very cooperative and will put an abundant deal of sweat into organizing activities that matched your likes and interests. Homestays are controlled by local people who are dedicated to offering the best deals to their tourists that they planned a wide variety of unique activities for their guests. Since they are more in sync with the wildlife surrounding their home and would be well guided to advise the unique activities that you can involve in. In Thekkady homestays usually suggest activities like exploring tea, cardamom, spice plantation, border hiking, nature walk, trekking, village visits, temple tours, witnessing the local functions, and much more. 

  • Distinctive accommodations

When you are picked hotels for your stay, you can select your menu or offers only from the listed out offers of the hotels based on your budgets and preferences. While, if you select to stay in a homestay, then you would be given the right to set your own preferences about food, amenities, or unique activities in the home.  Staying in the homestays is the best platform to truly experience the charm and the incredible diversity of India.

  • Cost-effective

While staying at homestays you can experience the best hospitality, amenities, foods, services, unique activities at a reasonable rate when related to the stays at luxury hotels. Hence you can enjoy the real charm and beauty of Kerala with the best’s homestays within an affordable price, and you can definitely get the feel of home away from your home while staying at these homestays.

KH Plantation, the best Thekkady homestays resorts

Whether you are uninterested in staying in luxury hotels and if you are in search of the perfect homestay in Thekkady for giving you and homely ambience along with the fully-fledged amenities that will bring you a home away from your home feel. Then you can stop your searching for looking out the best Thekkady homestays resorts, here is your answer!!! KH plantation,  one of the best Thekkady resorts in forest well-known for providing cutting-edge facilities and feel good upshot of their guest. Kerala homestay Thekkady lifts to its glory and presented a charming diversity to several visitors nomads from each zone of the world. At KH Plantation you will get the best homestay services at reasonable rates. We can offer you a home to India's largest reserve, Periyar, you can indisputably experience the Periyar and the wilderness. A trip to KH plantation will enthrall you with the rich lushness of wildlife and our true hospitality will let you drop all your worries and stress. We can assure you that we can bring world-class top-notch services for making our guest's vacation worth their money.

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