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Dec 03, 2018

Why Picking Homestays Should Be The Perfect Accommodation Choice For Your Holidays?

Homestays in Thekkady - KH Plantation

Are you fed with the normal hassles of living in a posh hotel for your holidays? Then you can pick homestays for your next holiday and you will surely witness how you can relax your vacation at its peak level. With continually reinventing travel goalmouths, homestays are the best choice for all intentions and purposes for all the travellers over any hotel for their vacations. Letís look out the compelling reasons why you should select homestays over hotels:

Mega Worth at a Mega Rate

When you stay your holidays in a homestay, you get fortuitous to use the whole home amenities and can live on the fullest of life in the midst of the tranquil atmosphere. The homestays definitely offer you a personal gateway. It is entirely different from a hotel's strict rules and formalities bounded services. At the homestay, you have the full mode to enjoy your life by zipping a hot coffee along with relishing the beauty of poolside views or you can cook in the midst of midnight to deal with your hunger pangs. In homestays, you get matchless services and can fully enjoy your holidays within a reasonable price over bounded rules, services, and highly expensive rates of hotels. You definitely get the feel of home away from home when you opt for homestay as your accommodation choice.

Offer a Feel of Home Away From Home

Homestays reflect the personal bravura of the hosts and it is perfect for your wonderful vacation. Whereas in hotels, there are common rules for all and there are certain constraints. It is the fact that each homestay has its own uniqueness and essence which is lack in luxurious hotels. Most of the hotels boasted each room with particular charges and regulations, in which we lack the feel of home away from your room. Whereas in homestays, it can really connect you to the city and help you to dwell into the place for making interactions with the locals in a local tea shop by tasting the super delicious samosas as well.

To Taste the Best Homely -Cooked Meals

Another reason to choose homestay as your holiday accommodation choice is that you get delicious home-cooked meals. It is not available in luxurious holes in hotels you can select the food according to your prewritten menu list otherwise in a homestay you can suggest your favourite food to the host of the house, so they will serve the food full of taste and love. They offer the genuine culture of the local dishes as compared to those luxurious hotels who make dishes considering the standard international taste.

Stimulate the Romance Factor

†You get the golden opportunity to express your everlasting love on a romantic getaway with the homestay which strikes the perfect mixture of amenities and ambience. You can find homestays in every corner of the world which offer the ultimate space to have some close time with your dear one for a romantic escape. You can enjoy living in a homestay as a dreamy retreat if the homestay is located near the tranquil beach or a resort with excellent panoramic views on a hilltop.

For Knowing the Local Culture

Have you ever wished to spend your life in a beautiful place with a diverse local culture as your holidays? If yes, then living in the homestay will definitely fulfil your dreams on your fantastic holidays. The homestay is the best option to interact with the host family and local families and also it is helpful to know the local culture, their attitudes, languages, style of living, and many things that are unique to the particular place. Homestay also lets you know their warm hospitality towards strangers.†

Helps To Collect Stories and A Way to Make More Friends for Life

The luxurious hotels can pamper you with the only luxury while the homestay always gifts you something unique and different story. That is you can collect the historical stories about the city, native people and also get to collect various perspectives. Another reason for choosing homestays over hotels is that you can get a chance to make more innocent people as your friends for life. Isnít it good to make friends from various corners around the world? This experience you do not receive in the hotels as they wonít give you an open chance to interact with people.

Why Choose Us?

KH Plantation is the best homestays in Thekkady, if you are wishing to spend your life in the Thekkady to closely know nature, and to get warm hospitality, the best option is to pick Kalarickal Heritage Bungalow. Selecting KH plantation resort is a fortune to experience and feel the true values & the magnificence of the splendid place. We can promise you that we can provide you with a home away from your home feel to kick off a new fresh start for your boring life. Homestay in Thekkady will mesmerize your holidays in the midst of rich natureís beauty and tranquillity. While there are numerous posh hotels available where you canít get the true essence of homestays life.† If you are looking to live a common man life by mingling with the locals, by tasting the local cuisines, living closely with nature, and living life to its fullest mode, then picking the KH plantation is the best choice. It is the perfect quaint homestays with excellent hospitality, spacious & hygienic rooms with the blend of traditionalism and modernity, well-furnished kitchen with facilities of cooking yourself or you can suggest your menu list as your meals, modern bathroom, laundry services, TV, Wi-Fi and much more amenities you can catch here.

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