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Oct 08, 2018

Drench yourself in Nature's Beauty with the Best Homestays in Thekkady Periyar

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Are you bored with staying in 5-star hotels that all look similar and feel the same? A perfect homestay is what you need, and then so far, homestays are the perfect platform that gave you a homely atmosphere that makes you feel at your dream home. It will be a friendly host run by a warm environment. Homestays in Thekkady Periyar are famous for providing advanced facilities and a feel-good effect on their visitors. Homestays in Thekkady boost to its glory and offered a magic diversity to various nomads from each nook and corner of the world. These homestays make you a homely impression even though you are miles away from your hometown. Henceforward irrespective of your trip duration, these homestays in Thekkady Periyar will guarantee a peaceful and delightful time to you in the midst of locals and simple happiness.† Kerala is always a fascinating tourist destination that mesmerizes wanderers with its tranquillity and natural beauty. One of the best attractions of Thekkady is the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary which is the best wildlife reserve in India. Out of numerous homestays, one of the perfect homestays providers in Thekkady is KH Plantation. The home is located very close to the sanctuary and serves as an excellent escape for all nature lovers and adventures. †The hosts will treat you like a good friend and entertaining you with the mesmerizing stories of the jungle. There contain attractive tea plantations, various activities, mountain towns that hug up spectacular trails for tramps and hilltop walks. Well-established rooms installed with all ultra-modern amenities, delicious cuisines and also offer numerous much-needed peace for rejuvenating your busy life.

Enjoy the Border Hiking In Thekkady with the Best Plantation Resorts in Thekkady

Border hiking is normally a whole day conservation-oriented hard trek along the border of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. A trek down on the boundaries of Kerala is really enchanting. Though visiting the hilly docks of Godís Own Country, one can purely coddle in the laidback topographies, stunning settings, watch flora and fauna, fresh air, and of course, a decent company to walk alongside. Border trekking also aids to share a close relationship with wildlife as well as sharing a connexion with the buddies beside you. Such trekking experiences may have shown to be a podium to bloom a lasting relationship. When trekking in the astounding scenery with the thrilling white clouds, blue skies, and also the lush green carpets beside you will let unique experiences. Trekking along the border side of hill stations is a luxury in itself. While relishing in the lap of vegetation on foot, one gets to acquire the modest lessons of life for adopting easiness and simplicity in living. It offers you an opportunity to explore natureís beauty, topography, and most prominently, find comfort and peace of mind.† A good hike also teaches you to be tolerant, keep self-control, and help you to comprehend the significance of good health and its essentiality to preserve oneís stamina and to chart healthy habits. So with the best plantation resorts in Thekkady, you get a chance to be closer to the gorgeous and untouched glory of Thekkadyís charming beauty and its countless wonders.

Peak Season for Border Hiking In Thekkady

Nowadays, individuals are becoming more aware of health and spending their leisure time closely with nature, and also finding themselves within the isolated green spaces or highlands. They are known the importance to take a break from their regular routines and to be one with the natural environs for once. So, just like visiting tourist destinations and sightseeing, the border hiking trend is also the most popular among people. Thekkady is the perfect destination for border hiking and gets to merely close to the beauty of nature. There is a vast demand for border hiking in Periyar forests, the greenest heart of Godís own country, Kerala. The peak season might fall between the months of February and April, with the pleasant weather and one might not have to worry about unexpected pour for which this area is prevalent for. Now the tourism department of Kerala promotes diverse types of trekking ranging from short and long durations to difficulty intensities. Henceforth, Thekkady is the exclusive zone for all families, nature lovers, backpackers, travelers, adventurers, etc. The specialties in the Thekkady homestays and the adventurous features of the place will make your holiday time unique which will be worth your money.

Experience the endless chains of happiness stays and activities with KH Plantation

A visit to this paradise on earth, Thekkady would never be completed without plantation tours, trekking, sightseeing or nature walks. So step out and explore the natural side of this hill station with the KH Plantation, the best resorts in Thekkady surrounded by dense forests and cardamom estates. We center on bringing old-fashioned ambience merging with the current comfort to make your holiday a most valuable milestone in your lifetime. We are in the core of this epic Cardamom hills with tropic backwoods and the home to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. You will get a golden chance to closely experience the dense forests of Periyar to realize freedom and the wilderness in its own way. This high land is a paradise for exotic and rare animals & birds. You can do a jungle walk with the local guide and experience the chance to closely observe the wildlife. KH Plantation promises a misty and enjoyable experience to all visitors. We offer a dream homestay for those who have a keenness for discovering the captivating wild and the soothing magnificence of Thekkady. Whether you are still hunting for the best homestays in Kerala, then Kalarickal Heritage Bungalow is the exceptional way to do it. We will absolutely give you a fortuitous experience of the natural beauty, serenity, and also the regime of the plantation stay in the midst of dense forests.

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