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Feb 04, 2019

Explore the Top Things to do in Thekkady to Cuddle with Your Partner

Experience the Activities with the Best Homestay in Thekkady

Thekkady is a coupleís paradise for the romantic things to do. It is an endless chain of hills, spice plantations and tea estates. One can discover a wide variety of activities to engage in, ranging from bamboo rafting which is one of the best wildlife sanctuaries to Elephant rides in Thekkady Forest. It is also popular for tea garden visits and eco-tourism in the Gavi Forest. Romantic honeymoons sometimes mean candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach and coddling luxurious accommodation in 5-star hotels. However, a honeymoon trip to Thekkady offers diverse experiences to couples. Thekkady is a paradise for romantic couples, newly-weds and lovers. It is a less crowded place offers soothing time for couples in its full composure. Numerous homestays, low-cost & premium hotels and guesthouses, are available in many.† It is the home to the largest wildlife sanctuary- Periyar Forest Reserve. While you are in Thekkady, you will find many things to see and do. If you are coupled, looking to dodge in nature will adore Thekkady for its wildlife. Of course, your honeymoon is a special occasion for you and your better half to celebrate your new relationship of marriage together and to kick start your new life in a beautiful destination. A romantic escape to Thekkady must be a wonderful and idealistic experience, so here are some activities using which you make your romantic getaway as even more memorable.

  • Visit Spice Plantation Together

Thekkady is well known for its tea, coffee and pepper plantations. A tour to this plantation offers a chance to synchronize with nature. When couples walked each other by crossing hand in hand, they get a different experience and get the opportunity to learn about cultivation. It also provides a natural and silent atmosphere that improves fresh breath and a pleasure mind.

  • Enjoy relaxing boating in Periyar with your sweetheart

What might be more romantic than softly go for boating with your partner in the midst of soothing and tranquil Periyar Lake? Boating in the Periyar Lake is the top activity of tourists especially honeymoon couples in Thekkady. Periyar Lake is located at the heart of Periyar wildlife sanctuary. While doing boating in the Periyar one can get the fortuitous to spot a family of elephants, a heard of deer, a heard of bisonís, wild boar etc.† In addition, you can observe the activities of wild animals such as bathing, resting, drinking etc.† A beautiful boat cruise around the middle of the spice gardens confined by fragrant air, beautiful waterfalls, lush green hills, and of course natural serenity giving a peaceful experience & rejuvenating your soul and soul mate.†† Thus, you can add up a new experience to your newly started relationship and can truly enjoy the lush greenery of the zone.

  • Adventurous couples can go to jeep safari

One of the most famous tours for each visitors to Godís own country is the adventurous jeep safari along the boundary of Periyar Tiger Reserve. It is the paradise for wilderness spread across valleys and sprawling grasslands, which is home to the indigenous animals such as Nilgiri Tahr, lion-tailed macaque together with some exotic species of butterflies. There also avail various activities for couples, families, adventures, and nature enthusiasts such as trekking, birding canoeing, and many more. Jeep safari starts in the morning at 6 am to end at 5 pm along with breakfast and lunch also. This jeep travelling let you an astonishing experience wrapping the dense forests, stunning waterfalls, lush green vegetation and aromatic spice & tea plantations. If you have planned a trip to Thekkady then don't forget to go for a jeep safari in the Periyar wildlife sanctuary.

  • †Adore the voyage of a bamboo river rafting

It is the most famous things to do in Thekkady. It takes place in Periyar wildlife sanctuary and the thing that marks it unique as it proceeds you over the poshest forest zones of the dense forest. Here you can spot various species of birds and animals. The tour starts at 8 and ends by 5 in the evening. Lunch and tea are also served during the day. During this rafting, you get the panoramic scenic view of rich forests. Bamboo river rafting activity is quite an interesting and unique thing to do for couples.

Experience the Activities with the Best Homestay in Thekkady- KH Plantation

KH Plantation is the ultimate destination for couples, families, nature lovers and much more for enjoying the excellent homestay in the midst of full tranquillity and wilderness.† As Thekkady is one the best destinations in Kerala attracts tourists with its magnificent beauty and cuff of activities, KH Plantation is† one among the best homestays in Thekkady providing finest homestays with excellent hospitality. It is situated in the heart of Thekkady town curbed with cardamom hills and rich backwoods. You can truly experience the richness of Periyar and its wilderness with KH plantation. A holiday at Thekkady with your soul mate makes you forget all your stress and rejuvenate your body and soul. We can promise you that we can deliver world-class budget-friendly services to make your holidays the most of it in your lifetime.†

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