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May 03, 2019

Homestays Activities, Not to be missed!

Homestay in Thekkady

Homestay is not just a place to stay but it offers a broad range of activities which give each guest the unique chances to experience the specific tradition and culture of the zone. Based on the location, homestays can offer different activities right from artistic activities, adventure pursuits, and to the particular areas of local cultures like music and dance.

Cooking Classes

Most of the homestay hosts provide cooking classes for their guests. It is one of the friendly manners to get know well about the local Indian culture of food and to know the real taste of cuisines. You also get the chance to taste the best regional delicacies cooked by your hosts.

Yoga & Ayurveda

Yoga & Ayurveda is a religious practice for most Indians, it is also a way of dealing with an everyday hectic life and to give a better angle on the world. Your hosts can organize for private classes at the homestay or can guide you to a neighboring centre for long term courses.

Local Tours

Be it a village walk, or to explore a list of top highlights of the area or a jaunt around the city, your hosts are a great resource. You can take their suggestions on what to see, how to schedule your day, tickets, timings, what to look out for, taxis and anything else that you need to know. Local tours within a place can be more hassle-free when you are set with the right information. You can always take your Homestay hosts to help for exploring the nearby locality of your destination.

Plantation Tours

As Thekkady is the land of spices and plantation areas, you can have guided plantation tour to comprehend about the cultivation process of tea and spices and to learn more about the life span in plantations. These tours can be on foot or by jeep. Tours of plantations are usually conducted by the owners of the homestay itself.

Bird watching

Homestays offer bird watching if they are located in the midst of dense forests. Hence you can just simply relax and hear the chirping of exotic birds and to get yourself indulge in the lap of nature. Get your binoculars to perceive the colours and other features of Indian exotic birds that you are found in the serene plantations and hills of India.

Treks and Hikes

These are offered in homestays usually led by homestay host or local villagers. Tough, long treks into the mountains and lighter treks to observe the surrounding landscape like cultivated fields and sheer rock faces. There avail long day treks, short treks and longer treks comprising camping can be organized by the homestay owners.

Local Event Accessibility

Most of the destination spot has local events such as musicals, festivals, plays, theatre or games. These are added benefit to the stays in the homestay whereas it is not available to regular tourists.


India has abundant opportunities to relax and chill with a Fishing line. Angling, fishing with Chinese fishing nets, net fishing are various diverse types that you can experience. Local fishermen love to have company and are quite understanding of the catch. You can fish for lobsters, trout, clams and many more. Most of the homestays are more than pleased to cook the fish that their guests have caught, thus you can enjoy a delightful home-caught fish curry.

Homestays bid the impeccable opportunity to get a local insight and your host family will be happy to provide guidance. If you are looking for such a homestay to make your holidays as most of it in your lifetime with the excellent hospitality and amenities, then no more looks your ideal destination is here. KH plantation is the perfect plantation resort in Thekkady to have a wonderful stay together with the wonderful holidays in the iconic destination like Thekkady.

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