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Sep 25, 2018

Thekkady Homestays – For experiencing the scenic beauty of Greenland

Homestays in Thekaddy,best Bed and Breakfast in Thekaddy.

Thekkady a green land greets you with collective images of roaming elephants, rich tea, spice plantation, endless hills, and charming weather.  It is the home to India’s largest Tiger Reserve, Periyar wildlife sanctuary which spread across 777sq.km, most of these regions are covered with dense and lush forests. The attractive artificial Lake near the Mullaperiyar Dam adds up more beauty to the enchanting place. Travellers are also fascinated by the beauty and serenity of the eternal place along with the chances for the diverse activities like Jeep safaris, Plantation Tour, Jungle patrol, nature walk, Chellarkovil Waterfalls, boating, Border Hiking, Bamboo Rafting, Elephant Ride, tribal village’s visits, and much more. Thekkady Homestays offers you an opportunity to rejuvenate yourselves from the everyday busy routines and schedules. The friendliness and service you get from these Thekkady homestays after a boring travelling and the pleasure that you received from this place are just the same as what you might feel in your home. Homestays in Thekkady offers diverse budget stays for all clusters, couples, families, backpackers, students, and many more. The homely touch that you received everywhere is just like adding icing to the cake that is you will definitely get the magnificent outing mood along with lots of happiness. There are various homestays in Thekkady, you can pick the top one for your vacation and step your feet to feel the wonders of this eternal place. Out of these numerous homestays, Kalarickal Heritage Bungalow is the topmost homestays provider in Thekkady where you get the perfect homestay facilities and get a chance to mark your trip as a memorable one.

Homestay Plantation Thekkady

Each story devises its own spice and hence it is true that spices will surely make your meals more delicious. Auspiciously, tea and spice plantations in Thekkady are a gem trove for such stories. Thekkady is a mesmerizing land full of tea and spice gardens, and there avail number of homestay plantation felicities also. Many of such homestay plantation Thekkady allows numerous activities such as plantation tours, boat cruises on Periyar lake,  bamboo rafting, bird watching, spa sessions, visit Mullaperiyar dam, tiger trials, and much more.KH Plantation is the best homestay provider in Thekkady which is bound to create you immerse in stories like spicy and electrifying. Bordered by immaculate cardamom, tea, spice, and pepper plantations, it is an ideal place for the perfect plantation stay for noticing how these spices are grown, reaped, and processed.  With Kalarickal Heritage Bungalow you can feel the great hospitality since our main attitude is to deliver excellent hospitality to our clients. We are always dedicated to flourish it always. Our homestay plantation is crowned with flora and fauna. Once you enter your feet in this dream world where you get the true worth of your lives and can attain a good satisfaction that you had chosen the perfect homestay for your entire journey that will definitely nourish your whole holiday mood.

Best Time to Visit Thekkady with Top Homestays in Thekkady

Thekkady is one of those destinations in Kerala that can be visited all over the year. Though, with each season, this dazzling tourist place changes its entire theme and colour and becomes enthralled by the novel set of fluctuations happening in the atmosphere. You can enjoy the season’s happiness of this place with the top homestays in the Thekkady. Here is a prevue of how Thekkady seems and looks with each seasonal changes


The summer season has usually occurred in the month of March to May, it hits the whole atmosphere and temperature range between the 36°C maximum to the 26°C minimum. You can find days during the summer season is too hotter but in the evening time, you can see the pleasant and quiet climate. Due to the hot and humidity, this season does not qualify as the best time to visit Thekkady.


After the heat ceases in summer, the Thekkady welcomes the monsoon in the month of June to September. This is the time with heavy rainfall and landslides might occur, this season is not the best time to carry a safe journey. Hence, it is sensible to avoid the visit to this place, especially in July and August months. As the area starts receiving heavy showers, lush vegetation clinches the environs in the supreme appealing form and creates Thekkady as one of the best picturesque places in Kerala.


Winter touches the spots of Thekkady after the summer and monsoon seasons and takes in an inimitable allure to the atmosphere. This season offers a comfortable and cool climate and might have a pleasant temperature. The cool breezes and the flawless atmosphere add up more beauty to this place. So winter is the best season in Thekkady to experience the beauty of this place and to completely enjoy the activities like wildlife safari, jeep safari, nature walk, bamboo rafting, sightseeing, trekking, village tours, plantation tours, etc. Usually, this winter season starts in the month of October and continues till the month of February.  

Best Resorts in Thekkady-KH Plantation

Resorts in Thekkady are recognized to be bits of paradisiacal magnificence.  It is set amid symphonic sceneries and spectacular landscapes, plantations, etc. Thekkady resorts will appeal to you with their positive vibe and nearby tranquillity. Thekkady is the pleasant paradise on earth for all nature lovers with its diverse wild manifestations. At KH Plantation you get the best homestay facilities at reasonable prices. We are situated in the heart of Thekkady town captive with cardamom hills and rich wilderness. Since we can provide you with a home to India's largest reserve, Periyar, you can undoubtedly experience the Periyar and the wilderness. A holiday at KH plantation will enlighten you further, the rich lushness of wildlife and luxury at us will make you drop all your stress. We can promise you that we can deliver world-class services within the budget-friendly to make your holidays to enjoy maximum the pristine gorgeousness of God’s Own Country. The eternal beauty of such places can be enthralled you with our unmatched services bounded by the sheer magnificence of the natural beauty. It also has the power to get goosebumps to your body with its diverse scenic beauties. It will definitely ley you to another world with the peak of happiness, fun, and stimulating experiences.

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