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May 21, 2019

How to Get the Finest Experience from Your Time in Thekkady

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Godís own country Kerala is well known to both international and domestic tourists. Out of numerous destinations, Thekkady and Periyar are the most demanding touristís hotspots in Kerala. Thekkady is the paradise for nature lovers and also for those ones who seek perfect wildlife. The cool climate, lush greenery, scenic vistas and the exotic wildlife sanctuary grabs the eyes on tourists from various nook and corner of the world. The blissful ambience and the wonderful serenity of Thekkady have truly made it as the most favoured tourist destination in India.

Thekkady is the all-around touristís destination. At any time you can make a visit to Thekkady. However, winter will be the best time to be at Thekkady. The pleasant and chilling climate will help you to discover this place exquisitely. Most of the festivals of Thekkady is take place during the winter season. Though summer season will not be a comfy time for you to visit Thekkady, this will be a time, when you will be getting resorts and homestays in economy rates. If you like to visit Thekkady without any rush, pick this season. Monsoon is also a good time to explore the real beauty of Thekkady. If you are a true monsoon lover, then don't miss the opportunity to visit this eternal paradise.

Tips To Get the Best Experience from Your Time in Thekkady:

Though there are many more things in Thekkady for tourists to truly enjoy their holidays in the midst of rich wilderness and serenity. To get the best experience from your most valuable time in Thekkady and also to preserve this amazing zone of Kerala for future visitors, need to follow these simple tips. As it is vital and necessary to encourage love and respect for nature and also to preserve it.

  • Choose a Homestay That Is Environment-Friendly & Operates Responsibly

Finding resorts with environmental initiatives has never been stress-free, but is essential for your environment-friendly trip. So need to find a resort or homestay that is environment-friendly and operates very friendly manner. That is they must have the facilities to recycling their waste, employing locals and sourcing local products.†† Try to avoid plastic wherever possible and avoid plastic water bottles. Now we can see the huge amount of plastic water bottles in Periyar Lake and in the nearby area, much of which makes it into animalís tummies. To initiate a step to protect our nature from your side itself.† Ask your resort authorities to provide reusable water bottle.

  • Be quiet when you enter the Periyar Sanctuary

As the wildlife sanctuary is blessed with wide varieties of animals and they are very sensitive hearing, it is advised to be quiet when you entered here. That is making noise scares wildlife away and you wonít get the chance to see them. It decreases the chances of seeing animals. Hence the best wildlife experiences are the ones who enjoyed from a distance.

  • Carry Any Rubbish/Trash Home with You When You in the Periyar National Park

As a whole, there are very little waste facilities, make assured your rubbish does not end up on the ground by taking it back to your accommodation with you. If you see anyone else dropping litter kindly justify the matter to them / decide it up.

  • Support local

Rural communities beneath threat across India and around the world Ė younger generations are moving to cities for work and traditions are endangered. Do your bit to support them by shopping for native Ė staying in accommodation pass by locals, eat locally-run restaurants, shopping for regionally created souvenirs, and even chatting with younger native folks to assist them with their language skills and find out about their culture.

Looking for an eco-friendly homestay in the centre location of Thekkady. Choosing for bests homestays in Thekkady is now a dominant way to experience the natural beauty of Kerala in a way which bids an insight into tenants life without letting any compromise on quality and basic comfort.† Kalarickal Heritage Bungalow is one of the most promising environment-friendly homestays in Thekkady surrounded by dense forests and cardamom plantations. Our main focus on delivering traditional ambience blending with the modern comfort to mark your leisure time as the most valuable and haunting milestones in your life. We are the home to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and you can experience Periyar and the wilderness in its fullest mode with us.

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