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Mar 02, 2019

Thekkady Awaits Adrenaline Junkieís Footsteps for the Thrilling Bamboo Rafting

Best plantation resort in Thekkady - Bamboo Rafting

Have you heard the stories of elephants on your motherís lap during your childhood? You can bring those fantasy stories alive by heading to Thekkady, the land of elephants and many more charms. It is a glittering jewel of this Godís own country, and the perfect destination to head to with your loved ones for enjoying your holidays. The snow-capped mountains, lush green forests, spice plantations and panoramic nature views in Thekkady are the perfect idyllic heaven for nature lovers and adventurists. A trip to this paradise never disappoints the onlooker. It is a packed spot where you can dip yourself in the tranquillity and can feel the serenity in its fullest. This paradise sends back traveller with a lot of memories and a sense of calm. The adrenaline junkies and adventurers can take full advantage of the scenic ambience of Thekkady and can go for trekking, hiking and much more. Bamboo rafting in the soothing Periyar River is also the best options for restless souls.

Bamboo rafting is one of the exciting activities in Thekkady which is eco-friendly entertainment program for all nature lovers. It is usually a full day program starts from morning 8 am to 5 pm. A team of ten travellers along with armed forest guard and 4 guides will be accompanying you the entire journey. Travellers will be taken through the dense forests on trek trailed by three hours over the central zone of the Periyar Tiger Reserve on a bamboo raft. The zone being one of the plushest and most various bio-diversity parts in the Western Ghats so one will get a† mesmerising view of forest-clad hills mirrored on the lake. Foods will be served on the enroute and also have the option to stay at the jungle with the one bedroom settings made of bamboo.

Get Proximity to Nature

†Bamboo rafting over the thick forests will give you the fortuitous for wildlife spotting and bird watching. Tourists also get the chance to watch closely the animals that may stand on the edges of Periyar Lake. During summers, there you can spot various animals who come near to the edges of rivers to drink water. Binoculars are must for the voyage to enjoy the real beauty of the environment. So rafting in the tranquil Periyar River gives a fantastic feeling to the adrenaline junkies. The good time to rafting is early in the morning or around sundown. Viewing the sun goes down though being bounded by nature at its best is an awesome feeling.

Dos & Doníts for Bamboo Rafting

  • Do not enter the forest without an armed guide.
  • Wear a cap and spectacles as sunlight will be harsh within the afternoon even in winter.
  • Do cover your feet. Donít wear open-toed shoes such as chappals or sandals. Since you would possibly be hiking, it's suggested that you simply wear sports shoes or hiking shoes.
  • Do not provoke any wild animal.
  • Do not wear white, red, yellow garments. Once visiting a forest, it's best that you simply wear dull garments that camouflage.
  • Carry some refreshments and water with you and make sure you do not litter. Take care of our environment also.
  • Stay with your cluster. Staying away from your cluster will be extremely dangerous.
  • Know that life wildlife spotting is not guaranteeing. Donít accompany high expectations or dispute along with your guides if you donít spot any animals.
  • Make sure you're up to the hike physically, before taking over the total day rafting trip. If you're travelling with kids, it's higher to select the half day trip.
  • Before going into Periyar sanctuary, buy an entry pass from the forest department.

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